Creative Writing

Roleplaystories is all about Creative Writing!

Creative Writing is one of the main elements of any roleplay, or story.

When you read a book, or a story. Do you ever look back on it, and wonder how much work it took for that person to make it? November 16, 2018

Creative Writing is sometimes hard, but it is also fun, and rewarding! Many of the best books or stories in the world, crafted by some of the best renown authors, have a lot of work put into them. The writers not only put their heart into the books, but they put their blood, sweat, and time into them. When it comes to books, most of the time it takes a lot of reasearch, and effort to make something worth while. While not all books focus on facts, real events, and real people, it can still be a lot of work coming up with their sentence structure, wording, and even with a subject. You can't just slap words down upon a paper, and expect it to stick. While time has shown that some of the best books in the world, are also some of the most simple reads, the authors didn't immediately start writing with perfect precision. Many books start as rough drafts, or even just simple ideas, and expand over time. The writers also saw what was popular or most easily relatable, and took that into themselves, before placing it upon paper.

"I find that reading new things, and expanding my perspective always seems to keep improving my writing, and I'm sure that is true of most, if not all writers."- Curtis P.

While the reason for writing is typically different for every author, the main purpose of writing anything is typically the same. To ultimately reach the reader. For this purpose, I, on a personal level, believe that writing should always be easy to understand, for all those who might read something. So my goal in writing, and reading, is to always find the best way to make my writing as simple as possible, but also as powerful and meaningful as I can.