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Fantasy Stories

Many of us like a good fantasy story! November 16, 2018

Roleplaystories is starting up sections for various genres of roleplays and stories for people to send and for our amazing writers to share. The Fantasy Stories are among the first to join us on Roleplaystories, because we know there is such a variety of them out there and many of us enjoy them. Inside here you'll find many stories and roleplays, posted by our writers and submitted by people just like you!! If you are looking to send a post for us to check and add to this section, let us know in one of the sections about contacting us. We will try our best to include as many amazing stories and roleplays as we can for people to browse through, read, or even interact with!!

Creative Writing

We hope to inspire more creative writing around the world! November 16, 2018

Creative Writing is one of the main elements of any roleplay, or story. When you read a book, or a story. Do you ever look back on it, and wonder how much work it took for that person to make it?

Curtis P.

I'm an avid writer, roleplayer, and webdesigner. I started writing and roleplaying back in 2003, on both vampirefreaks and myspace, and I've continued to do so ever since. I started creating social networks back in 2005, starting with RoleplayExtreme, and Roleplayisours, and moving to Roleplay Social.


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